These are the Quests that you can find in the "Building" Tab, of the Quest overview. Complete the Quest to receive Player Experience, Grand Summonstones and Comets.

Super Trooper

Stage Quest Rewards
1 Send units with a total size of 100 to your allies 10x Player Experience

10x Comets

2 Send units with a total size of 5.000 to your allies 100x Player Experience

30x Comets

3 Send units with a total size of 25.000 to your allies 1000x Player Experience

1x Grand Summonstone

Rank and File

Stage Quest Rewards
1 Reach Centurion Rank in Raid 100x Player Experience

1x Grand Summonstone

2 Reach Prefect Rank in Raid 1000x Player Experience

2x Grand Summonstone

3 Reach Emperor Rank in Raid 2000x Player Experience

3x Grand Summonstone

Whiz Kid

Stage Quest Rewards
1 Reach Level 10 10x Player Experience

5x Comets

2 Reach Level 30 100x Player Experience

10x Comets

3 Reach Level 80 1000x Player Experience

50x Comets


Stage Quest Rewards
1 Play for 7 days 10x Player Experience

100x Comets

2 Play for 15 days 100x Player Experience

150x Comets

3 Play for 30 days 1000x Player Experience

200x Comets

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