Factions are the different origins of the gods. Every god is part of a certain faction with comes with a certain characteristic.

History of Factions

Eons ago, Zeus and the other gods of Olympus challenged Cronus, King of the Titans, bringing an end to his cruel rule. With the help of his allies of all pantheons, Zeus emerged victorious and was crowned as king of Olympus. Cronus and the other Titans were imprisoned in the deep abyss of Tartarus. What Zeus hadn't foreseen, however, was that the world's negative energies would drain down into the abyss. Its evil power allowed Cronus to recover and over time, to thrive off the negative energy. Fueled by hate, he set out on a revenge campaign to destroy the myriad gods and worlds that opposed him in one fell swoop.
Cronus began to appear in the dreams of the sleeping deities, breaking their self-confidence and weakening their former unity carefully manipulating envy, contempt and petty rivalries. Far beyond the holy realm of Olympus, the gods of the Norse, Egyptian, Sumerian pantheons, as well as the heavenly spirits were affected. The return of Cronus was largely ignored by Zeus, until Asgard was overturned by Ragnarok. Once Zeus received news of this catastrophe, he rushed to remedy the situation, but the pillars of world order were already crumbling before him. Under Cronus' subversive influence, the gulf of mistrust between the gods had widened beyond mending. They gathered forces, ready to take the fight to each other. The rift between the gods led to the destruction of world order. The four seasons, the laws of reincarnation, and the transmission of knowledge were disrupted.
But this bleak situation brought what might very well be its own solution, as the deterioration of world balance awoke dormant Chaos from what should have been his eternal sleep. Yet Chaos, in the weakness of his antiquity, was unable to directly save the universe. He then created a new group of gods and bestowed them with a tremendous power. This power came to be known as "the power of chaos." It was the ability to create, to unveil unknown secrets of the universe, a power that even Zeus lacked. As one of these newborn gods, players shoulder the huge responsibility of restoring order to the world, and ending the terror begun by Cronus.

In the following pages, you will find a description of the main gods of the Greek, Norse and Egyptian pantheons, to give you an idea of their personalities and general behaviour.

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