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Dawn of Gods is a new mobile game for Android and iOS which can be downloaded for free and it has been released by Aeria Games in 2016. Take command of famous Gods like Zeus, Odin, Ra, and hundreds more to build and defend your base! Join a guild with your friends and support each other as you battle players all over the world using cunning and strategy. This wikia is the Official resource for the game. It is supported by Aeria Games and is maintained by the contributions of the fans. Players and editors are welcome to use the forums and chat room to discuss gameplay. Account issues and bugs need to be reported to Aeria Games at their Official Website . Welcome to our community!


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In the past few weeks you reported irregularities affecting some Gods' partnerships.

Thanks to you, we’ve isolated and fixed most of these issues and we are happy to announce that the partnership mechanic is now working as originally intended for the 5*, 6* and 7* Gods.

The fixes for the remaining Gods are already in progress. We would like to thank you for your help and patience during this period.

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